My Story

Creating art one color at a time.

What is constant throughout my life is colorizing and creating beautiful works of art using different mediums.  From a very young, I designed clothes and became a certified Couture Seamstress. Later that path transitioned to imagine consulting clients, which eventually led me to become an interior designer.  Inside the profession of interior design, it was apparent that I was gifted with the ability to immediately sense the positive and negative energy flow of design using color and decor.  

Simply put, through design, color, and as faux painter, I established my talent to create creative balance.  I passionately brought order, design, color, and artistry into client’s spaces, giving old décor a new life.  I wanted to help clients process through these changes, and hope that everyone learns to live with order and design “today” and not wait for “tomorrow”.  

Inspired by the southwest décor style now living in Arizona and self-learning the mandala paint technique, I had a vision of creating SW art out of the iconic steer skulls, which I can locally source.  In the summer of 2023, I painted with acrylic my first steer skull and reinvigorated my creative spirit.  Making something old, worn out from the sun and transforming its spirit into a piece of beauty is my new passion.  My herd of steer skull grows passionately every month, each skull can take 25-35 hours of painting time using acrylic paint. The transformation is breathtaking.